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Getting connected through Web 2.0

Posted by Lisa Hill on March 17, 2008

This is amazing.  I joined up with slideshare just yesterday so that I could upload a PPT, and already my little effort has been posted on the Lessons4learning2.0 group  This is a group which collects useful slideshows for schools and teachers so that they can be downloaded by anybody. It’s like a clearing house dedicated to school needs. There’s some really good stuff there, and it’s not just about Web 2.0.

Check out this one about paper art or the timeline of art 

There is also Shift Happens, which I’ve seen before at PD.  It’s a brilliant exploration of why we need to shake up our schools and bring them into the 21st century world of our students.

This one is about WebQuests:

I’m really excited about developments at school.  We’re getting a team together to do some online PD about Web 2.0 through SLAV and are going to make it a professional learning team project.  I love the way my colleagues grab new ideas and run with them!

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