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History Teachers Conference, Brisbane, Sept-Oct 2008

Posted by Lisa Hill on October 1, 2008

Tim and I flew out to Brisbane in the second week of the school holidays to attend the History Teachers Association Annual Conference: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Looking Out. It was hosted by the Queensland History Teachers Association, and it is a measure of how well designed this conference was that Tim, not a teacher at all, attended some sessions as well, just because he’s interested in history!
We stayed at the Hotel Gloria in Carol Ave, about 20k out from the city centre, but thanks to Tim’s foresight in bringing the Navman we found it easily. It’s an ok hotel, but not having brewed coffee at breakfast was a bit of a hardship.
The conference was held in Daisy Hill at John Paul College, a splendidly resourced school which had the government school teachers among us muttering in envy. It was, however, an excellent venue, and their hospitality (and airconditioning!) was much appreciated.

Also much appreciated were the booksellers and trade displays, amongst whom VideoPro deserves a special mention. I liked the fact that they chose not to fill our ‘showbags’ with paper-wasting promotional brochures, but used instead the tools of our century and sent us their advertising by email instead – which meant I read it, instead of throwing it out. Not only that, they held quiz competitions using their Quizdom Clickers, and I was lucky enough to win a couple of bottles of wine!
It was also nice to meet up again with colleagues from the History Summer School in Canberra. There were only three participants from primary schools, and certainly no primary specific sessions for us, but what I found valuable was the opportunity to learn more about history generally – and especially Australian history – so that I can draw on it when teaching my classes. I’ll certainly be going again when the HTAA conference is held in Melbourne next year, and maybe the one in Alice Springs the year after that….

One Response to “History Teachers Conference, Brisbane, Sept-Oct 2008”

  1. Lisa Hill said

    Much to my disappointment, the History Teachers Association of Victoria have chosen to hold their conference NOT in school holidays and NOT on a weekend – so I can’t go.
    When I was president of a professional association (VILTA, the Victorian Indonesian Language Teachers Association) I made sure that our conferences were held out of school hours so that anyone who wanted to attend could, without the school having the expense of having to pay for replacement teachers.
    Very, very disappointing.

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