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Student blogging, and why it’s a buzz!

Posted by Lisa Hill on March 20, 2009

canberra-0292-150x150It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog, but that’s not because I’ve been slacking off.  I’ve been very busy with the Mossgiel Park PS  blog and the MPPS LiBlog instead (not to mention my ANZ LitLovers Blog which has now had nearly 4000 hits!)

Our strategic plan is all about engaging students and making learning fun – and in the 21st century that means using Web 2.0 to jazz up learning activities so that we can motivate students to produce high quality writing.  Teachers at Mossie Park have all undertaken to do an action research project where we try out something new using ICT – and my project is to get blogging happening in the library program.

Well, this week I’ve made a start.  I had 20 kids who, for one reason and another, didn’t go on the tour to Canberra, so I was a class teacher for a week.  I used this opportunity to try out blogging as a reading group activity and – with my colleague Julie Evans – set up a research and writing project which had to be finished by this Friday.

I borrowed some graphic novels from the local library to lure in the more reluctant readers and in a two-hour literacy block achieved these reviews and more, and although it was a bit frantic getting them finished by Friday, the research and writing projects proved to me that the chance to show off work online is highly motivating, especially for students with relations overseas to be impressed.

Some of these students have produced very fine writing, and they were all keen as mustard.  I learned how to manage doing it in a class; now I need to learn to manage it in a library lesson.  To monitor my progress, subscribe to the MPPS LiBlog !

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