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Wonders of modern medical technology

Posted by Lisa Hill on May 22, 2009

Like many others this past week, I’ve had the lurgie that causes laryngitis, and it just won’t go away.  I had a week off to rest my voice, but it didn’t help much, and after two days back at work it’s just as fragile as before.

voice projector So I was very pleased to be able to borrow a very clever little device called a voice projector.   As it says on the website The Chiayo Personal Voice Projector is a “Walkman” sized, voice amplifier used to increase the speech volume of a weak voice. It is designed to be used in regular conversational situations where background noise is minimal.

Of course no one in their right mind would describe a classroom as a ‘conversational situation where background noise is minimal’  but I am hoping that this device will provide that little bit of extra volume when I need it.

The voice is the essential tool for teachers, as it is for lawyers, actors, broadcasters and a host of other professionals.  Having had this problem some years ago I attended a course called ‘Care of the Professional Voice‘ at the CAE and for quite some time used the simple strategies that they recommended.  Alas, time went by, I had no problems, and so of course I forgot to do the exercises, drank too much coffee, forgot to maintain good posture when talking to little kids, and used my voice the wrong way.

Do they teach student teachers how to care for the voice?  There’s not much advice that I can find online – I shall have to dig out my notes from the CAE course…

Update June 1, 2009

voice saverSoundmask Australia has one of these designed for classroom use!  I saw it at the ICTEV Conference on the weekend, and it’s called a Califone VoiceSaver.  I had feedback problems with the Chiayo voice projector if I went too near to the whiteboard or accidentally moved a book or piece of paper in front of the speaker, but the Califone apparantly doesn’t have this problem.  Contact Megan at for more info.

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