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More than Blogs

Posted by Lisa Hill on May 30, 2009

There’s More to Blogs than Blogging was a great presentation, all about moving on from simple blogging to more sophisticated use, and you can check out the presentation through this Wiki link.

Oh no, I’m running out of netbook battery!

(I must remember to bring the charger next time…)

PS From home, on Sunday.

This really was an inspirational session – and I nearly didn’t go to it because I was tired and had already been to a session on blogging!

John Pierce from Salty Solutions Educational Consultancy and Rick Kayler-Thomson from Bellaire PS had so many wonderful ideas, it’s hard to know where to begin.  I loved the Passion Projects which have led to students continuing to blog on their area of interest even after leaving the school and going on to secondary college. Pete and Byro Films shows an extraordinary level of competence with animation and game-making – (and the Basketball game is horribly addictive till you figure out how to score a goal)!  The Goss is a repository of student short talks on all kinds of jazzy subjects from dust storms to the Roswell Incident, all downloadable as podcasts.  You can tell that the kids love doing this….could I get my act together to do something similar with the talks my Y5&6 students are doing for their Fame (Biography) projects?  I shall have a play around on my practice blog to see if I can learn how to do it in time.  (Having a practice blog is another idea recommended at the conference – I’ve had one since I did the Web 2.o course last year, and I’ve kept it to use whenever there’s something I want to try without mucking up my real blogs).  The Puzzler Blog is another clever idea that is worth a try as well.

A talented and enthusiastic teacher combined with consultancy expertise = fantastic opportunities for kids.  I am so impressed by this team!

Check out John’s blog as well.

2 Responses to “More than Blogs”

  1. I was searching around the web when i found this post, and was really surprised to see my name and Byron’s up on another website. Then I clicked on the link and remembered that Byron and I had to delete the blog because all the flash content (flash content being the only content on the blog) stopped playing. So we had to delete it. We made a new website called pnbfilms (that was unexpected!) the address is:
    We are now 13 and going to different schools. We still keep in contact but don’t make many games anymore. Not as much free time in high school.
    Cheers Pete

    • Lisa Hill said

      Great to hear from you, Pete, and I’m pleased to hear that you’re still active on the web. Keep in touch, I’m sure you’ll achieve great things. Say hello to Byron for me too!
      Lisa Hill

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