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Down to earth, and on-site support

Posted by Lisa Hill on May 31, 2009

After yesterday’s excitement at the ICTEV Conference, it was back down to earth…

I like to think that I can instal, trouble-shoot and generally solve my own IT problems, but when it comes to networking it is just too hard for an amateur.  WiFi, Ethernet, and all that stuff? Call in the experts, especially if you want to do tricky things like networking two or three home PCs so that they will print to a printer in a different room on the other side of the house…

The printer concerned is a Canon LBP660 and although it’s old enough to have come with floppy installation disks, it’s actually a very good printer.  Fast, trouble-free and you can load a lot of paper without it jamming.  Alas, the cartridges are very expensive, and so I was a bit dismayed when I upgraded my PC and it wouldn’t talk to the Canon just after I had bought two new cartridges.   I had XP on both computers, the new and the old, but could not solve the problem by downloading new drivers so I reluctantly set off for that large office supplier that has put all our other local suppliers out of business, and bought another B&W laser printer to go with the new computer. (It’s an ok Brother HL-217OW but its paper tray is ridiculously small – why do they design them like that?)

We try to be green chez Tim and Lisa, so we set up the old computer in a spare space in the sitting room with the Canon attached.  So Tim has been to-ing and fro-ing between his office on the other side of the house and the Canon – because it is the best and quickest for printing out his work documents – and of course we did not want the cartridges to go to waste.  But it’s a pain, mucking about with USBs and all that, so we called in aboc IT consulting and all our problems are solved.  We can print all over the place now, to the Canon, the new B&W  and we can do it from any computer and our little netbooks as well (so that when I take notes or blog posts at PD I can print them straight out now, instead of having to fool around with those pesky USBs).


aboc IT consulting is efficient, effective and affordable.  It has an impressive carbon reduction policy and specialises in small business support. Highly recommended!

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