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What an insult!

Posted by Lisa Hill on November 5, 2009

All teachers in Australia are used to being undervalued, but every now and again there’s fresh evidence that the complexity of our work and the expertise that underlies our profession counts for nothing…

Today I was approached to work as a consultant (for an organisation I won’t name) for a flat fee of $350 for 10 hours work.  

My cleaning lady is paid $25.00 per hour. 

You do the maths.  Don’t forget to deduct tax.

There’s no prize for guessing that I said ‘No thanks! ‘

2 Responses to “What an insult!”

  1. ned said

    hi miss hill this is ned saying hi

  2. Lisa Hill said

    Hello, Ned:)
    I think you’ll find my other blogs more interesting! In the links under School Stuff in the RHS menu, you’ll find the Mossgiel Park blog which has got some fun stuff (see categories) and also links to our school blogs for different classes. There’s also the MPPS LiBlog – which is the library blog – and it’s got some book reviews the kids have done and other stuff.
    Have a look around!

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