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Please, say thank you!

Posted by Lisa Hill on August 19, 2011

In the last week between 200-300 have visited  this blog each day, most of them accessing the resources I have shared for Book Week.

None of them have bothered to say thank you.

It’s a bit disheartening.

6 Responses to “Please, say thank you!”

  1. Raelene said

    Thanks again Lisa for sharing all your terrific work. The templates listing outcomes for VELS, Australian Curriculum, SLAV etc are especially useful for planning. Your site was a terrific find.

  2. Helena said

    I stumbled upon your site and wanted to say thank you for the huge effort you obviously have put in with all the activities and information that you share. I am amazed that TLs have this energy and drive to design and share so much.
    Again, a big thank you.


  3. Kay Chaffey said

    I have been teaching upper primary classes for 6 years. This year my principal appointed me librarian, we have not had a teacher librarian for several years. I am not a qualified librarian ( although I plan to change this), it was my love of books, literature and passion for reading which won me the role. I have just discovered this site and signed up to follow you.
    I have loved this year, but the learning curve has been steep; managing all classes from pre – 6, balancing my time to plan teaching and manage the library ( I don’t have a technician, although I have been allocated more admin help this term)
    I knew I needed to add more depth to my lessons next year and your site is perfect. My teaching, planning and passion will be richer without doubt.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    Kay ( NT teacher)

    • Lisa Hill said

      You’re welcome, Kay. It is indeed a very steep learning curve, and until you’ve done it you have no idea how much work running a library is! I don’t have a technician either, but I am sooooooooooo lucky, I have the help of a parent who is very generous with her time. I would be lost without her.
      It is for teachers like you that I share my resources, and I promise you I will be doing my best to add more and more to this site for as long as I’m teaching.
      Best wishes

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