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Review: Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo, A journey around Canberra, by Tania McCartney

Posted by Lisa Hill on July 8, 2013

Riley and the Jumpy KangarooIt’s Canberra’s anniversary this year, and among all the other memorabilia, this cute little picture book is bound to attract a tourist or two…

The Riley books are a series which take the intrepid young aviator Riley around the world.  So far he has visited Beijing, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne, and now Canberra, Australia’s bush capital.  This time he pursues a kangaroo around the city streets, with the cartoon images of Riley in his plane and the kangaroo against a backdrop of Canberra’s major tourist attractions.  The photography is very good indeed, conveying the atmosphere of Canberra’s wide (and mostly empty) streets, its bush atmosphere, its modern architecture and spacious streetscapes, and its variable weather.

Which is why, even though this book is clearly pitched at 8-9 year old children to introduce them to our national capital, the book has some value for older ones too.  Our school takes a bunch of Year 5 & 6 students to Canberra every second year, and there are always a few ‘leftovers’ who are required to do a project on Canberra while the others are away.  We make this project as palatable as possible with lots of fun online activities, and I think the students will enjoy this light-hearted look at the places their classmates are visiting.

Little visitors from overseas would like it as a souvenir too, of course!

Author: Tania McCartney
Illustrator: Kieron Pratt
Title: Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo
Publisher: Ford St Publishing, 2013
ISBN: 9781925000030
Review copy courtesy of Ford St Publishing (and donated to my school library)


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