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Activities using shortlisted books for Book Week 2013

Posted by Lisa Hill on July 25, 2013

I’ve made a couple of simple worksheets linked to the CBCA Book of the Year shortlist, to support VELS Thinking Processes.  Except for the map activity for It’s a Miroocool, they’re suitable for all primary classes (depending on how much time you have):

  • Preps: ‘write and draw’
  • Juniors: Label and draw
  • Middles: Write sentences and draw
  • Write paragraphs

Using Thinkers Keys

Alex 4DW 001Too Many Elephants (What if? key)

Peggy (What if? key)

It’s a Miroocool (map)

I have also made one for The Terrible Suitcase but WordPress is being difficult today and won’t load it.  You can request a copy of it using the comment form below, and I’ll email it to you by using the email address that you have to include to make the comment.

15 Responses to “Activities using shortlisted books for Book Week 2013”

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  2. trish Ryan said

    Hi I would love a worksheet for “The terrible Suitcase”
    Thank You

  3. Louise Gow said

    Yes please Lisa I would like a copy too of “The Terrible Suitcase”

  4. Jenny said

    This website has great links to information and activities on some of the short-listed books for Younger Readers
    You just click on the picture to find out more about the book, author, etc. Links to interviews, videos, primary sources.

  5. Julie Hales said

    Thank you for these workshets-they are great!

  6. Katherine said

    A copy of The Terrible suitcase activity please

  7. Jo Bygraves said

    I’d love a copy of The Terrible Suitcase activities..thanks for all your hard work

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hello Jo, thanks for your kind words:)
      I’m at the History Teachers Association Primary Teachers Conference on Monday but will email it to you when I’m back at work on Tuesday morning.

  8. Sarah Taifalos said

    Would love a copy of The Terrible Suitcase activities.
    Thanks for your amazing site!

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