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My Retirement, and LisaHillSchoolStuff is retiring too.

Posted by Lisa Hill on January 12, 2015

Well, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and taken retirement.  It’s been a great career, but the time has come!

This means that the LisaHillSchoolStuff blog is retiring too.  I don’t intend to add any new content or reviews, and I won’t be responding to comments, but I won’t be deleting the blog in case readers still find it useful in some small way.

I will, however, still be blogging away at the ANZ LitLovers blog, where you can find reviews and news about Australian and international contemporary and classic literary fiction.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported this blog by taking the time to comment or subscribing to it.  This affirmation is what has kept me going when I sometimes felt that nobody was reading it at all!

Best wishes, and thank you all,



8 Responses to “My Retirement, and LisaHillSchoolStuff is retiring too.”

  1. Marg Bergin said

    Congratulations Lisa, on making the decision to leap into your next chapter. Thank you for sharing so generously! I hope you have more time to read and go on other fab adventures. Marg Bergin

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  2. rebeccatoltz said

    Congratulations Lisa.

    You’ve sent a very high standard for the profession of teaching and teacher librarians.

    Your kindness, support and generosity of time and knowledge will be missed.

    But, I thank you for leaving this blog for others to read and use and look forward to reading your new posts over on your ANZLITLOVERS blog.

    Thank you Lisa.

  3. Marie Broad said

    Hi Lisa, Your site is new to me and I’m amazed at the content, amount and quality. It will take some time to find everything but it is all relevant and helpful in my teaching situation. It is a treasure trove. Thankyou and I’m aware that you have retired and will not be responding to any comments.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hello Marie, it’s nice to hear from you. I’d left a little window of time for followers of this blog to comment if they wanted to, but it’s very nice to have a new visitor to the blog take the time to do so. I hope you do find a few things that are useful, all the best in your career:)

  4. km5150 said

    Congratulations on taking the next step, you, your insight and years of experience will be missed – especially as I’m just starting out in the library! Good luck with everything.

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