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'If students can't learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn' (Ignacio Estrada, via Tomlinson)

Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for the Primary Library

I was notified (22.5.12)  that I need to attribute the source of the new AC and AusVELS templates that I’ve developed under the Creative Commons licence it has.

“Reproducing the F–10 Curriculum (but not the AusVELS logo or VELS logo), is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia (CC BY NC SA) licence.

So: please note that any templates or units of work on this site which include any reference to VELS, AusVELS or the Australian Curriculum are hereby attributed to VELS, AusVELS or the Australian Curriculum.

All the work that I have done on them is freely given, one professional to another, and may be copied, shared or modified as much as you like, but you’d better attribute the VELS, AusVELS or the Australian Curriculum bits if you do.


Follow the links to download assorted templates, units of work, rubrics and activity worksheets.

Foundation Year

Years 1 & 2

Years 3 & 4

Years 5 & 6

Library worksheets

Whole school Anzac Program

PS The layout of my units is designed so that I can cut and paste each lesson straight into my weekly work program.  I simply select the column for the whole lesson and paste it into the year level to which it applies for that week. Feel free to download the template:

Library work program template

PPS If you find any of these resources interesting and decide to download them, could you please leave a brief comment? This page generates lots of traffic, but without any feedback, I don’t know who the visitors to the site are, so I don’t know whether to bother adding more resources to it.

3 Responses to “Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for the Primary Library”

  1. Tanya McFadyen said

    I am a new teacher/ Librarian. I am qualified as a Music Specialist and currently work two days. One day Music, one day Librarian. As a ‘newy’ I’m looking for all the help I can get to make learning and literacy in the Library FUN! Thank you for sharing your work with others. I am just having a preliminary scan of your site today but will possibly revisit. Tanya

  2. Sapna said

    Hi, I am taking over a new role of a teacher librarian in my school. Will be expected to work on the literacy programme of reading and creativity in the primary school. I will rely on a lot of help from you and others as have to create an absolutely new programme. Will be looking at your resources thoroughly. Thanks

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