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'If students can't learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn' (Ignacio Estrada, via Tomlinson)

Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for the Foundation Year

Literature & Research units for the Primary Library

These resources are as they were when I developed them.  Some are already out of date but can be modified to take account of new versions of the Australian Curriculum.  In varying degrees they combine elements of the Australian English and History Curriculum (called AusVELS in Victoria) with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) Thinking Processes, Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development Domains.  They do not include AC Geography, though there are obvious possibilities to integrate it in some units.

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Templates for planning with the Australian Curriculum during the Transition phase

This template combine elements of the Australian English Curriculum with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) Thinking Processes, Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development Domains.

Foundation Literature All Years Semester 1 V4

Australian Curriculum Units updated from existing VELS units (as of April 2012)


These units are in the order that I teach them in the Prep year so early units are simpler than later ones.

Fables (Term 1)

Wild Animals (Term 2)

Beatrix Potter Author Study (Term 3)

Australian Literature

In Term 3 after the Beatrix Potter Unit, I teach ‘one-off’ lessons using CBCA and YABBA shortlisted picture books.  Any resources I make for those will be found via the CBCA Shortlisted Books Resources page.

Bruce Whatley Author Study (Term 4)

NB: When I made the Crabs, Sheepdogs and Wombats PPTs that I made to show ESL children these animals, I forgot to note the source of the images.  So these PPTs are not available, you will need to make your own.

PS  See also PoMo with the Preps.

Personal Learning Journals

At the end of every library lesson, my students self-assess their behaviour. The statements are based on VELS indicators or from the learning focus in Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development domains. It is a quick and easy way to support students to reflect on how their behaviour affects their learning.

PLJ Prep

BTW I don’t start using them with Preps until Semester 2.

PS If you find any of these resources interesting and decide to download them, could you please leave a brief comment? This page generates lots of traffic, but without any feedback, I don’t know who the visitors to the site are, so I don’t know whether to bother adding more resources to it.

Library worksheets

15 Responses to “Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for the Foundation Year”

  1. Rhona said

    Just wanted to thank you for the Library PLJ self assessment… I’ll be using this in my class! :)

    Rhona :)

    • Lisa Hill said

      Thanks Rhona…a couple of tips: with little kids, it works for me if I keep the PLJs and the bigger kids keep them in their own library folders, always at the very back so that they can be found quickly at the end of the lesson. (I allow five minutes for packing up which includes doing the PLJs).
      It took me a little while to manage junior classes easily. I have the children sit in four groups at their tables, and while they can choose who to sit next to, they must always sit at that particular table. I keep the children’s individual named PLJs inside brightly coloured large envelope folders in plastic envelopes labelled for each class, i.e. I have four classes at year 1 & 2 level, and four teams (Andy) Griffiths, (Christopher) Milnes, (Paul) Jennings and (Jackie) French-ies. So, for example, inside the Griffiths coloured folder, there are (inside a labelled plastic envelope) the PLJs for the kids in 1LG who sit at the Griffiths table, the ones for 1LR in another labelled plastic envelope, the ones for 2JG and so on. The tallest child at each table always has the job of getting them out and putting them away because otherwise they can dither around and take ages.
      Lately we’ve also been adapting these for use as individual behaviour plans, they work well.

  2. Rita said

    Thank you for the PLJ it is brilliant. Thinking about adapting it for stages 2 and 3 using our core school values.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hello Rita, glad to hear it works for you… we’ve adapted it in lots of ways at our school,. not just for values and behaviour but also learning habits, ESL and even for PE. It’s all about making standards explicit to the children, explaining where they come from and then giving the children time to reflect on whether they’ve achieved them and what they need to do next time if they haven’t, so that they take responsibility for their learning and behaviour. Let me know how you get on with the adapted versions:)

  3. Eliza Yeo said

    Thank you for the offer of a template for the terrible suitcase, and too many elephants. They look fantastic and will help a lot. Lisa

  4. Eliza said

    Thank you Lisa :)

  5. Sharon said

    Thanks for posting all these wonderful resources – they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for – much appreciated!!

  6. Amy Wouters said

    I would love any materials you have for the book The Terrible Suitcase, please. I love all your work

    • Lisa Hill said

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, Amy, but I’m sorry, I can’t help. I have retired from teaching now, and this blog is ‘retired’ too. Hopefully someone else out there in cyberspace is making and sharing resources for school libraries!

  7. Safinaz Sultan said

    Thank you for the wonderful resources. Early this year we purchased the Tale of Peter Rabbit series for the library and I didn’t know how to utilize it in my library sessions. Great effort, much appreciated.

  8. Elizabeth Browning said

    Fabulous resources. Thank you so much. This will be so helpful throughout the year. Sooooo useful!

  9. […] Preps did an author study of the inimitable Bruce Whatley (details of which you can find on my LisaHillSchoolStuff professional blog), and one of the books they loved most was Diary of a Wombat co-authored by Jackie French.  They […]

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