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'If students can't learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn' (Ignacio Estrada, via Tomlinson)

Australian Curriculum Planning Templates

These planning templates are for use during the implementation phase of AusVELS in 2011.  

The planner enables a unit to combine compatible content and skills from the Australian History/Science Curriculum and the three Priorities with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards for Humanities/ Science AND relevant interdisciplinary learning from VELS Personal Learning, Interdisciplinary Learning, Thinking Processes.  Some aspects of VELS and Australian English curriculum are also included.

They are based on V2 of the Australian Curriculum (October 2011) and AusVELS (November 2012).

When VELS is replaced by the AC in 2012, the VELS Humanities/History/Science components can simply be deleted, while the Personal, Interpersonal and Thinking Processes elements can be retained until there is an AC replacement for them.



Literature and research units

Click here to go to the Literature and Research units page.

Feel free to download them, but please add a comment below to give me an indication as to whether they are useful, and acknowledge their source in a footnote to the planning document.

8 Responses to “Australian Curriculum Planning Templates”

  1. tracey said

    Just found this…excellent idea..will be setting a blog up asap

  2. Fiona Farren said

    Thank you for sharing your hard work.
    Foundation documents AC aligned are rare at the moment

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hello Fiona, thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment.
      in Victoria, that’s partly because there is a union ban on implementing it. I hope that sorts itself out soon, but I also hope that other teachers are working on this and that and are sharing what they have!
      Do you know of any schools that have designed a two-year curriclum suitable for composites?

  3. Mary Grace said

    Thank you for helping me get organised with it all!

  4. Sue said

    Thank you for some great ideas.

  5. Sue said

    Great place to start for my school. Thanks for some excellent guidelines.

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