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'If students can't learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn' (Ignacio Estrada, via Tomlinson)

Library activity worksheets

These are simple teacher-made worksheets, designed to match skill development in the SLAV P-6 Teacher Librarian Program and (in some cases) thinking skills.

Level 1 (Prep)

LS1.3 Identify the main characters from PSBs

Clancy the Courageous Cow VELS 1

LS 1.4 describe where the story takes place in particular picture story books

Clinton Gregory’s Secret What if your bedtime toys came to life (Pohl’s Thinkers’ Keys)

LS 1.5 identify strong emotions that occur in picture story books

Dougal the Garbage Dump Bear2

Level 2 (Y1&2)

LS 2.2 verbalise obvious themes in picture story books

Hunwick’s Egg What if it hatched (Pohl’s Thinkers’ Keys)

The Magic Hat What if the hat came to our school (Pohl’s Thinkers’ Keys)

LS2.5 Describe the locale and setting for a PSB

Clancy the Courageous Cow VELS 2

Level 3 (Y3&4)

LS 3.7 identify and describe the main character of a fiction book

The Tale of Despereaux Likert Scale

CBCA Shortlisted Books worksheets

4 Responses to “Library activity worksheets”

  1. cathy pendergast said

    Hi Lisa,

    Your website is inspiring! I’m 52 and a new teacher graduate, busy looking for interesting ideas for literacy for my p-2 children next term. I love your integrated units – amazing amount of detail – and am also interested in using/adapting your library session self-behaviour sheets – thank-you!

  2. Johanna Winchcomb said

    Great site Lisa, i have only found it today.. I will spend more time and look further. I love it that people who enjoy sequences and order are happy sharing their skills – Especially useful for those of us who live in the dreamy world of pictures.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hi Joanna, thank you!
      I have just finished my first new hybrid unit today (VELS interpersonal and thinking skills, ACARA literature/literacy). It’s a research unit called Landscapes and it’s for Years 5 & 6 and I got the idea from reading Justin D’Ath’s Extreme Adventures series. The kids have to research different landscapes (deserts, rainforests, polar regions etc) and design a brochure advertising extreme adventure holidays there.
      I just need to proof-read it and then I’ll be uploading it…
      I could put it up as is, typos and all, and my ‘online colleagues’ *grin* could proof-read it and give me some feedback?
      Let me know what you think…

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