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Goodies to share » VELS Level 2 Margaret Wild Author Study

VELS Level 2 Margaret Wild Author Study

Designed for term 4 Junior school students (Years 1-2)

8 Responses to “VELS Level 2 Margaret Wild Author Study”

  1. Robyn Williams said

    Fantastic unit of work. I will pass info on to my JP Tr Librarian colleague. I think of Margaret Wild as being suitable for Primary students with many of her serious themes….of course there plenty that suit JP as well.
    I had trouble clicking onto links to explore futher. May try again later.
    Thanks for sharing your great work. Robyn Williams, Mt Gambier SA

    • Lisa Hill said

      Thank you, Robyn…I have begun work on updating my library units to match up with the new Australian Curriculum with its wonderful emphasis on literature, and will eventually post what I have done here on this site.
      I’ve started with a Hans Christian Andersen unit that I use with Years 3 & 4, so that will probably be first.

  2. Caroline Kitchener said

    Hi Lisa,
    I stumbled across this website by accident and oh my goodness what a wonderful find – a treasure chest of information and inspiration! I too love Margaret Wild and am going to be looking at some of her wonderful books with the younger grades next term. Can we get some of the supporting worksheets for the unit?
    Thank you for this wonderful resource.
    All the best….

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hello Caroline, thank you for your kind comments!
      I’m responding to you from home and the worksheets are at school, so I will email them to you on Tuesday after the Long Weekend.
      Best wishes

  3. Jodie Brown said

    As Caroline has already stated – what a fantastic resource!! You are amazing. I’d love to have some of the supporting resources for the unit.

    Thanks you for all your hard work and for sharing these with everyone.


  4. Kris said

    Hi Lisa
    I too love the website. It’s a great resource and I am extremely grateful to you as I am doing a Margaret Wild author study with my Grade 2’s this term. I would also love some of the supporting resources if it’s ok.
    Many thanks

    • Lisa Hill said

      You’re welcome, Kris, I’m in SA at a conference at the moment but will send you the resources when term resumes. If I forget, please comment again here and I’ll get a reminder.

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