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Winners of the CBCA awards for 2011 announced

Posted by Lisa Hill on August 19, 2011

The winners of the CBCA Book of the Year have been announced, and worthy as they are, I wouldn’t have picked any of them!

For Picture Book of the Year I prefer My Uncle’s Donkey with Family Forest coming very close behind. I’ve read these to all classes, Prep to Year 6 and had some of the best discussions of my career about these two books and their cunning illustrations.  I loved Bronwyn Bancroft’s Why I Love Australia too, although some of her poetic language was above the heads of the little ones.  Still, they made sunshine wheels about why they loved Australia, producing simple but sweet ideas about love of country, while my older students (many of whom come from refugee families) shared robust discussions about freedom of speech, equal opportunity, and the luxury of living in peace and plenty.

For the Early Childhood Book of the Year I prefer It’s Bedtime, William! Its whimsy works well with all ages too.

It’s a close run between Henry Hoey Hobson and Just a Dog, both of which would make terrific reading with senior classes while IMO the judges’ choice would probably have boys sabotaging the reading with restless squirming.  Boys being difficult when they’re not interested in a book isn’t a criteria that should over-ride merit, but I found the narrative voices in Henry Hoey and in Just a Dog much more compelling – and much more interesting.  I’m not much of  a fan of fantasy, I admit.

Ah well, to each his own, I suppose.

To see the winners, click this link: Winners of the CBCA awards for 2011 announced ·

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