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Edna, the Australian Education Network

Posted by Lisa Hill on July 3, 2008

Edna (the Australian Education Network) is that network that all teachers want, and probably don’t know exists. 

You sign up, provide details of your interests and projects etc, and then join ‘communities’ that are interested in the same things.  (There are options to keep this info private, shared only with colleagues or registered users, so it’s pretty secure if you don’t want to tell the world about yourself). If you join a community,  then posts from members of the same community show up on your home page.

You can also add colleagues that you know, rather like adding Friends in My Space or Facebook.  Indeed, it’s rather like a Facebook for educators, but (a-hem) more focussed on education.

I’ve joined a number of communities: libraries, e-Learning and eLearning (somebody goofed, so you need to join both), curriculum planning, history teachers, podcasting, Wikis and SLAV – it was through the Wikis group that I found the excellent video about how to make a wiki in my previous post.

Anyone who’s interested in learning Web 2.0 should check it out.  Forums like this are very useful, but they only work if people make them work.

NB Apologies if you’re reading this twice: I’ve also posted it to my other blog because I think it’s so important! 

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