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History for Kids

Posted by Lisa Hill on June 14, 2008

I’ve just discovered a really beaut site, called Kidipede History for Kids.  It’s American, so alas, there’s nothing about Australian history, but it’s a good, safe, user-friendly site for kids in years 5-8.  It’s designed to help them with searching for information about ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, China, India and so on.  There are eye-catching illustrations and photos, and profuse links to explanations, details, other info of interest and so on.

Unfortunately, there are also ads, (including a rather grisly one of an injured dog for the American version of the RSPCA) but presumably Net Nanny will zap those at school. 

I shall add it to my LisaHillSchoolStuff website when I next update it.  This website is going to migrate soon to a new host so I haven’t done any work on it for a while…

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