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Goodnight Mice! wins 2012 Prime Minister’s Literary Award

Posted by Lisa Hill on August 2, 2012

Goodnight, Mice!As I’m sure most readers know by now, the 2012 Prime Minister’s Literary Award was won by Goodnight Mice! by Frances Watts and Judy Watson.

It’s a lovely story, suitable not just for Preps and Juniors, but also for students in Years 3 & 4 who will enjoy the rhyme and can also discuss elements of the text such as the setting as depicted in the illustrations.  When the Australian Curriculum is up and running, this book will also be useful to use to discuss poetry and rhyme.

Skills from the SLAV teacher librarian program that can be taught include:

Prep (Level 1)

  • LS 1.2 verbalise sequence of main events in stories
  • LS 1.3 identify the main characters from picture story books
  • LS 1.4 describe where the story takes place in particular picture story books

Years 1 & 2

  • LS 2.3 verbalise sequence of main events in stories
  • LS 2.4 identify the main characters from particular picture story books and describe significant physical features
  • LS 2.5 describe the setting for a particular picture story book

Years 3 & 4

LS 3.2 distinguish between poetry, prose and drama

  • LS 3.4 verbalise sequence of main events in a fiction book and identify the story’s climax
  • LS 3.8 predict what the main character will do after the story has ended
  • LS 3.9 describe contribution of illustrator and illustrations in developing a particular setting

If you don’t already  have a copy of the SLAV Primary Teacher Librarian program, contact SLAV, because it is excellent and has been the basis of my program ever since I’ve been in the library.

I’ve made a Venn diagram worksheet to compare the ‘bedtime in the mouse house’ with ‘bedtime at home”.  It can be used as  follows:

  • Preps: use it as is
  • Years 1 & 2: students write a sentence about their favourite part of bedtime at home
  • Years 3 & 4: students write a sentence under each section of the Venn diagram comparing the bedtime rituals in the story with bedtime rituals at home.

Download the activity worksheet:  Goodnight Mice Setting Venn Diagram

Availability: Click the link to buy from Fishpond: Goodnight, Mice!

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