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'If students can't learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn' (Ignacio Estrada, via Tomlinson)

Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for Years 3 & 4

Literature & Research units for the Primary Library

These resources are as they were when I developed them.  Some are already out of date but can be modified to take account of new versions of the Australian Curriculum.  In varying degrees they combine elements of the Australian English and History Curriculum (called AusVELS in Victoria) with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) Thinking Processes, Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development Domains.  They do not include AC Geography, though there are obvious possibilities to integrate it in some units.

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Templates for planning with the Australian Curriculum during the Transition phase.

Y3&4 Author study: Hans Christian Andersen

(Not all of these activities are in the unit because I’ve modified the unit over the years, but I thought I’d share them anyway.)

Y3&4 Celebrations around the World

This was planned by our Y3 & 4 team as a class unit, but it could be taught in library too.

Y3 & 4 Aboriginal Myths and Legends

Y3&4 Aboriginal Legends (even years, term 1)

*NB The clip art on these worksheets comes from where there is free, downloaded Aboriginal clip art.  This is acknowledged in the unit of work, but should be cited if this artwork is used anywhere else.

Y3&4 Animals at War (ANZAC unit)

You will need to download the resource M is for Mates from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs for this unit and also use the LisaHillSchoolStuff wiki Animals at War.

Y3&4 Age of Exploration (Maritime explorers in the Age of Discovery)

Personal Learning Journals

At the end of every library lesson, my students self-assess their behaviour. The statements are based on VELS indicators or from the learning focus in Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development domains. It is a quick and easy way to support students to reflect on how their behaviour affects their learning.

PLJ Y3&4

PS If you find any of these resources interesting and decide to download them, could you please leave a brief comment? This page generates lots of traffic, but without any feedback, I don’t know who the visitors to the site are, so I don’t know whether to bother adding more resources to it.

10 Responses to “Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for Years 3 & 4”

  1. Marg said

    Love the Personal Learning Journals resource! Downloaded it for studentsto paste in their Learning Journals which are [supposedly!] added to each week. I inserted another column and included a statement about setting and monitoring short term goals.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Thanks, Marg…we’ve also been succesfully using these in a modified form for behaviour modification journals: kids needing support to develop appropriate behaviours negotiate their own positive behaviour statements and self-assess their progress, with rewards for improvement (of course!)
      In the library, they’re very successful – as long as time is built into the lesson for the students to do them, and to allow for regular monitoring.

  2. Kath Verstraete said

    Have been following your blog for several months now, Lisa! I think it’s full of brilliant ideas and helps me to find other ways of “looking”! Will be trying the personal journal idea for Library for the first time in 2014 with Year 3 and possibly with Year 6 – will be interested to see how it goes – will also be using the Dreaming stories as a focus for Term 1 – Kath V

    • Lisa Hill said

      That’s great, Kath, and thank you for taking the time to comment.
      I am messing around with some poetry units to suit the new AC this holidays and hope to upload them here before we go back at the end of the month.
      Good luck with the PLJs, do allow five minutes to do them so that you can clarify what your expectations are, and especially in the beginning, take them and make some affirming remarks or add a smiley stamp about doing them honestly.
      Happy holidays:) Lisa

  3. Thank you for the PLJ idea. I’m going to use it next term. :) Julie Simpkin

  4. Himali Ranaweera said

    Thank you for the resources. I’m going have to adapt it to suit NSW, but it has given me a very good starting point.

  5. Safinaz Sultan said

    Great resource to teach history in a library setting, thanks Lisa.

  6. Chloe said

    Hi Lisa! I was wondering if you might be able to help, I want to use your Y3&4 Animals at War (ANZAC unit) but the wiki link LisaHillSchoolStuff wiki Animals at War. isn’t working anymore ( this is where I was assuming all the additional images and leaflets mentioned in the unit are?)

    Is there any way to access this?

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hi Chloe, I’m so sorry, all the resources on that wiki are lost. Some time after I retired, the site that hosted teachers’ wikis closed down, and everything vanished.
      It’s such a shame, because although all the info and images are readily available online, there’s a lot of work involved in searching for them, and what I had done with the wiki was to rewrite it in kid-friendly language suitable for this age group.
      I hope you can find some way to make the unit work for your students, best wishes, Lisa

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