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'If students can't learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn' (Ignacio Estrada, via Tomlinson)

Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for Years 1 & 2


Literature & Research units for the Primary Library

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Templates for planning with the Australian Curriculum during the Transition phase 2011-2012.

These templates combine elements of the Australian English Curriculum with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) Thinking Processes, Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development Domains.

Y1&2 Info Lit Odd years Semester 1 V6

Years 1 & 2 Literature AC V2

2013 AusVELS year-12-science-ac-v3

2013 AusVELS year-12-history-ac-v2

Units updated from existing VELS units (see below)

Years 1 & 2

Stories from around the World.

Scary animals

Animal Habitats (under construction, the unit is being taught in Term 2 2012 and will be uploaded when complete.)

New Units

African Animals

Technology and Tradition (Toys and Games of the Past)

NB This unit was developed in collaboration with my colleagues Alison, Amanda, Julie, Kara and Lois,  in the Juniors Team, and it is shared here with their permission.

2014 Years 1 & 2 Technology & Tradition History

VELS Units (pre 2010)

NB These units are in various stages of development. I am not very interested in tidying things up for publication, so they are not exemplary units, but just the way they were when I last designed or edited them. (Every time I teach a unit, I change something.) Feel free to use them, but please acknowledge their authorship, and email me via the comments box below if you would like to share some of your resources in return.

VELS Level 2 Margaret Wild Author Study

BTW Many of these units have hyperlinks to my work program or worksheets I have made. I can’t be bothered uploading all of these…send me a comment with your request, and I’ll send it to you.

Personal Learning Journals

At the end of every library lesson, my students self-assess their behaviour. The statements are based on VELS indicators or from the learning focus in Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development domains. It is a quick and easy way to support students to reflect on how their behaviour affects their learning.

PLJ lY1&2

BTW I don’t start using them with Preps until Semester 2.

PS If you find any of these resources interesting and decide to download them, could you please leave a brief comment? This page generates lots of traffic, but without any feedback, I don’t know who the visitors to the site are, so I don’t know whether to bother adding more resources to it.

Library worksheets

Years 1 & 2

12 Responses to “Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for Years 1 & 2”

  1. Kay Chaffey said

    These resources are fantastic, thank you. As a teacher/ librarian I love finding resources which are directly relevant to use in the library. They also inspire me to think of varied ways I can offer activities which are meaningful, applicablute to the curriculum and short enough to use in my limited time with the students each week.
    I currently have an article in the February 2012 Practical Primary publication. I have talked about my personal journey from classroom to library, one of the issues I have had to deal is the perception of our role as a ‘real teacher’. The resources and information you post on this site debunks that notion resoundingly. Many thanks.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hello Kate, and thank you for taking the time to comment.
      I have a couple more AC units on the way: I’ve almost finished updating the Fables one for Preps, have developed a whole new one for the juniors called Stories From Around the World, there’s one on Aboriginal Legends (but I need to find a story from South Australia first) and I’m trialling one on Explorers for Year 4, which is still at the very messy stage and won’t be ready till (maybe) mid way through Term 2. (There will be some worksheets to go with the units to download too).
      So come back soon, I love to share what I’ve done.

      • Kathryn said

        Hi Lisa
        Thukeri is a dreaming story from South Australia. It is set at the Coorong.

  2. Susan Bishop said

    Dear Lisa,
    Thank you so much, I am in my last year of uni and am a bit confused of the changes to the curriculum. so a very big thank you to you
    Sue :)

    • Lisa Hill said

      You’re most welcome, Susan.
      And don’t worry too much about these changes, wherever you end up working next year, I am sure there will be a capable team of teachers sorting it all out and providing support for you to cope with it too. *warm smile*

  3. sarah said

    Hi Lisa,
    I am a primary trained teacher working as a TL in Sydney. I am studying the Grad. Cert in teacher librarianship, life is hectic as I am also getting married in 5 weeks! I have been looking for inspiration to program for term 2 and I love your units of work. I am interested to have a peek at the ‘Stories from Around the World’ unit, is it ready yet?
    Many thanks,

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hi Sarah, and thank you for your kind comments. Yes, I’ve finished teaching Stories From Around the World and just need to tidy up a few bits and pieces before uploading it. (It’s a funny thing, but somehow I seem to be able to find other things to do besides workd stuff during holidays LOL!)

  4. Sue thomson said

    Thanks Lisa,
    As a Teacher Librarian in Alice Springs teaching from preschool to year 6, I need all the help i can get with the AC.
    Huge Thanks Sue

    • Lisa Hill said

      You are most welcome, Sue. I’m a bit behind with the CBCA shortlist books, usually by this time of the year I’ve created some worksheets based on the books but my aged parents needed some unexpected support and I’ve had to take leave and come up to Qld to look after them. I’ll do better next year!
      All the best, Lisa

  5. Sarah said

    Hi there, how long are your library sessions with the kids? I have half an hour and I find it very hard to fit everything in.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hi Sarah, all my classes have an hour each week. If you’ve only got half an hour, that’s only enough to read a story and do the borrowing, I guess…

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