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Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for Years 5 & 6

 Literature & Research units for the Primary Library

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Templates for planning with the Australian Curriculum during the Transition phase 2011-2012.

These templates combine elements of the Australian English Curriculum with the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) Thinking Processes, Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development Domains.

Australian Curriculum Units currently under construction (as of Jun 2011)

These units will be available for download late in Term 2 or during the Term 2 holidays after I have finished teaching them and (hopefully) ironed out the bugs.

Y5&6 Info Lit Odd years Semester 1 V1

Years 5 & 6 Literature AC V1

Units being updated from existing VELS units (see below)

Asian Governments

Asian Governments project requirements and assessment

Research Booklist

New Units

Indigenous War Service: this unit is (with permission) adapted from Indigenous Service, a resource for primary schools published by the Department of Veterans Affairs (2013).

I have changed some of the activities and worksheets to allow for more deep thinking and more use of thinking tools.  I developed the resources for these as I needed them, sometimes because I felt the students didn’t understand the material.  There is also an end-of-unit assessment activity based on the Australian Curriculum History content and skills.  I used the Year 6 Student History Portfolio ‘Satisfactory’ work samples as a guide.

Please note also that the unit as planned by the original authors is very comprehensive and would take two terms to teach in a typical one-hour per/week library program.  So I have split the unit in half, with the first three investigations being taught in even years and the other three in odd years.  The downloads below are only for the first three investigations.

Finally, note that this unit is part of our whole school ANZAC scope and sequence plan which you can find here.

You will also need student access to the Indigenous Service page at the LisaHillSchoolStuff wiki.

Indigenous ServiceThis is the resource for primary teachers published by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) on which the adapted unit is based.  (It’s free for teachers). You will need to download it for some of the worksheets, but more importantly there is background information that is essential reading for teachers before beginning the unit.  Secondary teachers can also download a version of this resource, visit the DVA website.

My thanks go to Yvonne Perkins for her generosity in sharing ideas, resources and links for understanding the historical method on her blog Stumbling Through the Past. As a primary teacher with no background in teaching the historical method, I have learned a lot about interrogating historical sources and reading histories from following this blog!

Ulysses (a quest literature unit for Y5&6)

Extreme Holidays (Landscapes) – the kids really enjoyed this project!

Biography (incorporating research into inland explorers, Aboriginal war service and migrants to Australia)

VELS Units (pre 2010)

NB These units are in various stages of development. I am not very interested in tidying things up for publication, so they are not exemplary units, but just the way they were when I last designed or edited them. (Every time I teach a unit, I change something.) Feel free to use them, but please acknowledge their authorship, and email me via the comments box below if you would like to share some of your resources in return.

VELS Level 4 Australian Literature

VELS Level 4-Australian History – C19th Settlement

BTW Many of these units have hyperlinks to my work program or worksheets I have made. I can’t be bothered uploading all of these…send me a comment with your request, and I’ll send it to you.

Personal Learning Journals

At the end of every library lesson, my students self-assess their behaviour. The statements are based on VELS indicators or from the learning focus in Personal Learning and Interpersonal Development domains. It is a quick and easy way to support students to reflect on how their behaviour affects their learning.

PLJ Y5&6

PS If you find any of these resources interesting and decide to download them, could you please leave a brief comment? This page generates lots of traffic, but without any feedback, I don’t know who the visitors to the site are, so I don’t know whether to bother adding more resources to it.

Library worksheets

Years 5 & 6

14 Responses to “Australian Curriculum Literature & Research units for Years 5 & 6”

  1. Megan said

    Your work is thorough and the comments regarding the length of time necessary to complete the unit on 19th settlment is very helpful. I would be very grateful for a copy of the worksheets.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Thanks for the kind words, Megan, I’ll try to remember to email you the worksheets from work tomorrow – it’s a bit frantic on the last day of term but I’ll do my best.

  2. Raelene said

    Thanks Lisa for all these resources and information. I have just started running a weekly one hour literature program for each class in the school and have struggled to find useful material. I feel like I am reinventing the wheel to plan a whole school program from scratch, so your work is very helpful. I have just ordered a new publication from Macmillan on the national literature curriculum but haven’t received it yet, so I hope that might help. If you know of any other published work, I’d be thrilled to hear about it. Many thanks.

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hello Raelene, I don’t know of any useful primary library resources – for the National Curriuclum or anything else!
      I haven’t got as much done this holidays as I had planned to, but I’ve read about half of the CBCA shortlisted books and will be putting up various worksheets to match the books as I make them throughout the term. Would you like me to send you copies of my work program each week this term while I’m doing OzLit for all classes?

      • Raelene said

        That would be much appreciated thanks Lisa. Like you I am working my way through the shortlist. For book week and the One World Many Stories theme, I have been thinking about a multi age day where children rotate through the class rooms and each teacher presents a book set in another country. I’m thinking about giving passports where children gather a visa stamp in each room they visit. Maybe I’ll have a design competition to create the visa stamps which can be copied and distributed in each room on the day. Hopefully staff will utilise dance, games, food etc activities appropriate to that country to support the book. Just ideas at the moment that I need to firm up…

        • Lisa Hill said

          That sounds lovely, Raelene, the kids will love the passport. I read Just a Dog yesterday – wow, what a powerful little book that is! I reviewed it on GoodReads which is a handy place to jot down a few thoughts about the books and get ideas about themes etc from other reviewers. (You can friend me there as Lisa Hill if you want to, but you will have to answer a question to do it, easy if you visit the About Page on my bookblog).

          • Michael Nichols said

            Can you tell me anything about VELS Australian Literature in terms of what books teachers are using? I am trying to make a link with early settlement in Australia in terms of botanical art for an exhibition coming up in September this year at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

            • Lisa Hill said

              Hello Michael,
              Oh dear, I don’t think I’m the right person to help you with this… I’m a primary teacher-librarian and there’s very few of us around any more and nobody is coordinating what classroom teachers are doing in literature, alas. You could try this link, Tania is a secondary teacher librarian and has a wide network. Good luck!

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  4. Frances Eames said

    Hi Lisa,
    Firstly, thank you for being such a great source of inspiration when I am preparing my own units. I am currently doing a biography research project with our year 5’s on Trailblazers. Do you happen to have a copy of the sunshine wheel/note-taking templates that you use in Library classes or could you recommend a website please?
    The ones that I have located seem a bit old for 10 year olds. Also I was curious as to how your students presented their information once they had completed their research? Kind regards Frances

    • Lisa Hill said

      Hello Frances, I’m glad to help:)
      I like the sound of your Trailblazers unit, a catchy title can make all the difference when it comes to engaging some students, I find.
      I do have templates of various graphic organisers, and I think I have them saved on my laptop; I’ve just got home from Qld tonight and am going to treat myself to a day’s idleness tomorrow but will hunt out the templates and see what the copyright situation is, because they’re not my own. Assuming I can, I’ll upload them ASAP after that.

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  6. […] This term we are finishing off assessment tasks for the Year 5 & 6 Indigenous War Service unit which we didn’t quite finish in Term 2. (Teachers can download this unit from the LisaHillSchoolStuff blog) […]

  7. […] I had already read Vance Palmer’s Cyclone in advance of receiving Cyclone Country, but I put Spicer’s book aside to read Ian Townsend’s The Devil’s Eye from my TBR because I saw that it was listed in the appendix.   There’s another novel in his list that attracts my interest: The Prelude, by Kate Helen Weston, which in 1914 was the earliest known Australian novel featuring a cyclone.  Alas, it looks Very Hard To Get.  (There are also some children’s books featuring cyclones that I’ve read: Nim’s Island (1999) by Wendy Orr; Crocodile Attack (2005) by Justin D’Ath; and Wreck! (1997) by Allan Baillie.  Without the benefit of Spicer’s book, I had stumbled on these titles as resources for a popular Year 5 & 6 unit of work called Extreme Holidays which if you are so minded, you can still find on my professional LisaHillSchoolStuff blog.) […]

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